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I am just so tired of coughing and wheezing and generally feeling like crap. I got sick last Friday evening with the chills and pain, started coughing on Tuesday when my mom got here and have been cycling through a different main symptom every day. Now I have less coughing but more nasal/head congestion, which makes me sound so much sicker.

I feel bad that we haven't done much, but I am so so tired of the nagging and I made a doctor's appointment. The earliest I can get in is Tuesday and I will likely be better before then and cancel it, but now both moms will shut up. Ugh.

What I could really use is some sleep, but that's not so possible with a three (!) year old, a holiday, a house guest, and a birthday party to host. The timing of this is just atrocious. I am closing in on my final 4 days in that last shit job and can't really be out sick since I need to get the lazy coworkers trained so they will not bug me in the new job. I want to cut ties as completely as possible.

I feel like such a slug. I wish I could crawl in a hole and sleep for another week. And I wish my mom lived closer.

D. Runk

Sep. 12th, 2013 06:17 pm
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Isn't it LJ style to post while I toxicated?


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My dad passed away yesterday. I'm still feeling so incredibly numb. I've always been such a daddy's girl. I'm almost 40 and he still called me "snugglebug". I have a few voicemails on my phone that I've listened to several times already. I can't believe I'll never talk to him again.

We are flying to CT for the week tomorrow morning. Any tips for traveling with a 6 month old during prime awake hours?

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Indie rock hot tub )


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