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There are few things that I take seriously.
This isn't one of them.

Former BMX star. Current finance geek.
Former a Christian school girl. Current sinner.
Connecticut->Virginia->New York->Seattle->?

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90.3 kexp, air hockey, answering random polls, archers of loaf, bars with outdoor seating, baseball, bicycling, bmx, boggle, building financial models, eli janney's tshirts, excel, financial modeling, gross celebrity sex dreams, j robbins, jawbox, kids in the hall, lollygagging, magnetic chaos, mission of burma, monsterland, neko case, neutral milk hotel, new york city, old school bmx, pavement, pbs, pecan pie, pixies, polvo, pom and pellegrino, portastatic, real kids, recurve josh, rob neyer, schadenfreude, sebadoh, shudder to think, sleater-kinney, snood, superchunk, talking about that, the buzzcocks, the wedding present, throwing impromptu dance parties, throwing muses, unrest, wedding present, wire, yo la tengo, zeitgeist
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