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who is still lurking?
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I am just so tired of coughing and wheezing and generally feeling like crap. I got sick last Friday evening with the chills and pain, started coughing on Tuesday when my mom got here and have been cycling through a different main symptom every day. Now I have less coughing but more nasal/head congestion, which makes me sound so much sicker.

I feel bad that we haven't done much, but I am so so tired of the nagging and I made a doctor's appointment. The earliest I can get in is Tuesday and I will likely be better before then and cancel it, but now both moms will shut up. Ugh.

What I could really use is some sleep, but that's not so possible with a three (!) year old, a holiday, a house guest, and a birthday party to host. The timing of this is just atrocious. I am closing in on my final 4 days in that last shit job and can't really be out sick since I need to get the lazy coworkers trained so they will not bug me in the new job. I want to cut ties as completely as possible.

I feel like such a slug. I wish I could crawl in a hole and sleep for another week. And I wish my mom lived closer.

D. Runk

Sep. 12th, 2013 06:17 pm
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Isn't it LJ style to post while I toxicated?



Jun. 17th, 2013 10:16 pm
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Josh and Ben were having the nightly procrastination cuddle time conversation before official bedtime and it was centered on dinosaurs (duh) and the benefits of each dinosaur. They each chose their favorite dinosaur and Ben couldn't settle on just one, although I think he ran out of steam around Majungasaurus (a theropod from Madagascar).

My heart was exploding the whole time. I love my boys. I love seeing the wheels in ben's head whirl and participating in the conversations that are a product of said wheel spinning. He is such a cool little dude.

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First swing!, originally uploaded by fisticuffs.

Summer fun.


Jul. 29th, 2011 10:41 pm
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, originally uploaded by fisticuffs.

friday night at salmon bay park.

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My dad passed away yesterday. I'm still feeling so incredibly numb. I've always been such a daddy's girl. I'm almost 40 and he still called me "snugglebug". I have a few voicemails on my phone that I've listened to several times already. I can't believe I'll never talk to him again.

We are flying to CT for the week tomorrow morning. Any tips for traveling with a 6 month old during prime awake hours?

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Indie rock hot tub )

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What's more funny than LJ Revival? LJ Revival backlash, that's what!

As part of my LJ Revival! I'm going to revive some oldies but goodies from my time on LJ.

The date was July 2004.
Does anybody remember Operation: Excellence In Pooping?

I don't think the cats do either.

Euler on the infamous catseat

The date is now October 2009.

My boss is on vacation this week, which I'm sure is helping me keep up with the LJ Revival that's making its way across the land. This post is not about biking to work.

I am currently sore from head to toe from yesterday morning's PT session though. It's amazing the pain that can be inflicted with nothing more than body weight and a medicine ball. Tiny little muscles all over my body are crying out in pain with their little muscle voices. but really, pain is just weakness leaving the body, right? right!

When I say that I have time for LJ due to boss out of town i mean i REALLY have time for LJ this week. This is the 5th week of a 5 week fiscal month and that means it's a week for projects! Projects that are usually directed by my boss who is on vacation. We wrapped up all of the big ones before she left. time. time. time.

In other boring news, i really hate my outfit today. I was lazy and uninspired this morning and threw together the blandest ensemble I could. (I almost wrote, "i could imagine" but there is really little imagination involved.) At least I am wearing my new cognac boots, so that's a plus.

One exciting thing I did today is that I signed up to be a Running Buddy for this year's Girls on the Run 5k! I've done this race twice before and I really love it and the organization so much. I'll be running/walking/smiling with a girl as she completes her first 5k. I'm excited that the girls I usually run with are going to be running buddies, too! You should sign up, too! Even if you can't run. There is room for all paces. Everyone is assigned a bib with the number 1 on it. There isn't even an official clock. Everybody wins!
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you cannot stop the LJ revival!!
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I still have a crush on Harriet Wheeler

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i got my own lolcat!

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I started keeping this journal in 2001.
Sometime after that I switched it to friends only.
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